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Cooperative Management Solutions

Each Cooperative is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Be patient with the process as it takes time to make decisions.  Application times vary, anticipate seven to fourteen days on average for a decision after completed application and supporting documents are submitted.

Ready for someone to move in with you?  You can request a temporary occupant and caregiver application below, we only check Criminal Background and if approved, an agreement will be sent to you to sign with the resident, the occupant and the Board.  This agreement clarifies the living arrangement and protects you the resident and the community.

​​We are BETA testing applications online.

This link will take the place of the "Rental Applications" in the packet.

   Cooperatives Represented:  

  • Dexter Oaks Cooperative
  • Elk Meadow Homeowners Cooperative
  • Shoreview Meadows Cooperative​